Quarter Circle Glass Shelves

Tempered glass have SGCC and CE certificates.

Min Order Q’ty: 30pcs per size, can be mixed in a 20GP container with other products.

Glass Type: Clear Glass, Ultra-Clear Glass, Opaque Glass, Polar Glass, Broze Glass, Grey Glass

Size: 6” (152mm) ~ 16” (406mm) , other sizes can be Customized.

Glass thickness: 3/16” (5mm), 1/4” (6mm), 5/16” (8mm), 3/8” (10mm), 1/2” (12mm)

Edge Work: Flat Polished-Safety Corners

Strength: Tempered

Product Details



Glass Type

Clear Glass HD Glass Opaque Glass Polar Glass Bronze Glass Grey Glass
A clear experience An ultra-clear choice A sand-blasted option A textured, private note A warm brown tint A smokey gray shade


Glass Thickness

3/16”(5mm)  This size is suitable for light applications like table covers.
1/4”(6mm)  This size is suitable for glass table covers and some glass that fits inside a frame or inset.
5/16”(8mm)  The application range of this size is also very wide.
3/8”(10mm)  This glass is suitable for use as a glass table cover.
1/2”(12mm)  The thickest glass available; suitable for heavy-duty applications.


Glass Edge Finishes

Flat Polished Edge


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is widely used, such as in house decoration, automobiles, etc. What are the advantages of tempered glass?

  1. Safety: If the glass is broken, the fragments will resemble honeycomb shaped small obtuse angle particles and will not cause human injury.
  2. High strength: For tempered glass of the same thickness, the impact strength is 3-6 times that of ordinary glass, and the bending strength is also 3-6 times that of ordinary glass.
  3. Thermal stability: Tempered glass has strong thermal stability, withstanding a temperature difference of three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference change of 200 ℃.
  4. Improved safety: After being damaged by strong force, tempered glass quickly presents small obtuse angle particles, thereby maximizing personal safety.
  5. Application: furniture, electronic and electrical industry, construction, decoration industry, bathrooms, cars, escalators and other places that need safety and have drastic temperature difference, and can be used as the original piece of insulating glass and laminated glass.


Corner Finishes for Square and Rectangle Glass Tables

Eased Corners Radius Corners Clip and Polished Corners
A simple eased corner is polished for safety and comfort. Our most popular corner option. You can choose which corners you would like to have this look. A radius corner can be used when covering a table that has similar corners, or when the glass is on a pedestal. You can choose the radius measurements and which corners you want to have this finish. Not available for beveled edges. This corner type can be used if you have a pedestal table and desire a decorative finish. You can customize the clip measurement and which corners you would like to be clipped.





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